​ Here are a few books I've illustrated so far. Feel free to check out their sites for more info.

Dorrie Starshu LLC

Donkey Wants to be King

The Making of Zao

This was a fun children's book to paint. It was an interesting learning process, being my first illustrated book, but I'm proud of the results, as was the author!

The cover of this book was a big hit with the author and her followers. It was a challenge to illustrate without painting a detailed picture of the main character, which is what I'm used it. But I'm happy with how it turned out. 


Bats and Bobblebots: Bobby Sings

This was another fun little production. The characters in this book were cute and hilarious and drawing this was a pure joy.


Lauren Simone Publishing

Olivia Travels: A Guide to Modes of Transportation

I was proud to be one of the "young illustrators" for this author's book series a few years ago. The lovely main character was based on the child author. It was an excellent book to be a part of.